About Us

I am part of a community of change makers, working with different organisations to cultivate deep learning environments. This involves posing fundamental and sometimes awkward questions.

We believe that thinking more deeply about change has the potential to change everything; the way we think and work, the things we try to change – even the structure and activities of our organisations. 



Why Work
With Us?

The typical challenges that we work on include:

  • A sense of not being future fit and that a new strategy with fresh thinking is needed
  • There is a lack of direction and focus in the organisation causing a simmering malcontent
  • There is a perception of constant resistance to change
  • Conflict in dealing with systemic issues
    – environmental, social, regulatory or technological
  • A sense of friction at the boundaries
  • Recognition that business-as-usual is not working
  • Cannot articulate a unique and differentiated contribution
  • Struggling to understand the implications of the environmental crisis
  • Doubts about governance effectiveness


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