Our clients include An Foram Uisce (Ireland’s Water Forum), Environmental Protection Agency, Met Eireann, Munster Bovine Services, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Merchants Quay Ireland, Duggan Veterinary Group, Elix Aviation Finance, Elanco, SmartRoutes, Grasstec, Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association, Protential Resources, Cork Enterprise Board, XLVets, Saturn Farms, and Xenergie Foundation.

We are founding members of Originize, a network of learners and change makers and Geoff is Head of Sustainability Services at Antaris Consulting.

With a background in environmental science and finance, Geoff has worked  across a variety of enterprises and sectors including renewable energy, plastics recycling, biodiesel technology, clinical trial management technology, e-learning, veterinary, franchising, land management and investment. He is a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development, Originize, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust, the Irish Management Institute and the Mediators Institute of Ireland. He holds a primary degree in Environmental Science, a masters degree in Business & International Finance, a Diploma in Executive Coaching and an Advanced Diploma in Organisational Culture Transformation.


Organisations as a catalyst for social, environmental and economic regeneration

All the resources needed to create a better future are here and available. You will access those resources by acting authentically and in accordance with your true values and beliefs.


Catalyse Change

An organisation built for resilience is structured to last forever. Such organisations don’t just want to weather change; they want to be transformed by change. Organisations can only transform in tandem with the transformation of their leadership.


The following
principles are
important to us:

  • Remaining curious with a continuous learning mind set
  • Maintaining a balance between humility & audacity
  • Being inventive and solution oriented
  • Leading with generosity; by practicing what we learn
  • Committing to the work we choose to do, unconditionally
  • Addressing opportunities and challenges at the system-level

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